A downloadable experience for Windows

Squish! is a squishing simulator. You'll get to squish something in VR! This is the first playable alpha version, 0.1. It requires a VR headset, tried with the HTC Vive but it should work for the Oculus Rift as well.

There are two modes, both experimental. On the starting level, simply look at your desired choice for about 5 seconds. There is no indication right now; just keep staring and it'll eventually switch scenes to Squish! Both modes are different, so play both if you have the chance!

The mode with artificial locomotion is for those that have their VR legs, as it might cause more discomfort than the other mode. Both modes have a different ending, so make sure to try them both if you're a veteran!

This game is based on an old demo I made a long time ago for DK1. I've remade it from scratch to support roomscale, and it seemed like a nice project to learn Unity with.

Install instructions

To play it, simply unzip it and run the executable. Needs a VR headset but has only been tested with the HTC Vive. Let me know if there are any problems, and please let me know if you like it!


Squish v0.1.zip 52 MB


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Short but fun, and worked fine in Rift CV1. A little rough around the edge, but this was a VR experience I never tried before. Hopefully, someone will use this idea in a full-fledged game!